Friday 08/31/12

9:30 A – 7:30P, 10:30 – 12:50A

  • Break down O/N mp10a run.
  • save mp07 data.  All look good, 7 images finished completely, last image starts at the top of the mRNA field.
  • etching S1 AbdA, AbdB, Ubx, K27me3.
  • Issues booting STORM4.  few reboots gets working (focus lock camera having trouble?)
  • Realigned path to quadview to remove clipping effect.  Discussion with Yari, probably a gradual relaxation effect due to slight tension in the bolted path.
  • Bead imaging.
  • Run analysis of mp10a.  uniform 555 background looks pretty correctable. Calibrated sensitivity in green channel.
  • Literature review:
    • Weinberger (now USCF) reports pertubation response protein noise can distinguish birth/death noise vs promoter switching.  Confirm prior claim that HIV noise is promoter switching driven.
    • Pirrotta review (Science 2012 v337): suggests catalytic preference of PRC2/SuZ(12) for neighboring histones (and antagonized by K4 and K36 me3) provides the ‘global function’ of PRC2 in DI-methylating most of the genome that is not actively transcribed (rather than trimethylating PcG target genes).
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