Monday 09/03/12

10:00A – 6:30P, 7:50P – 11:30P

  • Order flies from Bloomington, sim deletion: 7646, Espl rv1: 199
  • # start expanding sna[18] and double balancer on 3rd.
  • request Esc mutant flies from Vivek
  • wrote to Markstein, try to get in touch with TRiP about no phenotypes of PcG knockdowns using TRiP lines.
  • Etch 20 min + 10 min Pc-647, GFP-750 slide.
  • Work out crosses for E(spl), sim double mutants (see post)
  • Realign quadview (drift, started to clip image).
  • STORM imaging of Pc-GFP
  • rewrote CoV analysis to fit sigmoid of a gaussian to the pattern first and use this to determine in and out of mesoderm.
  • see figs
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