Wednesday 09/05/12

9:30 A – 9:00 P

  • sectioning 6/25 sample 10: E(Pc)-dig, en-bio, H3-750, K27-647.
  • writing figure text for snail promoter/enhancer manipulations
  • First coverslip of S10 most sections adhered to coverslip before chloroform treatment. ┬ámay not be fully flattened.
  • 4 coverslips cut, 70 um of sample.
  • Test on Turnkey looks great for E(Pc), en, and H3K27.
  • send STORM analysis scripts to Jeff
  • Jeff working on converting Insight C code for image rendering into matlab .mex file.
  • Contact BIRS about proposal update
  • Finish sectioning early, stop session at 4p (trying to finish writing figure explanations today!)
  • Sent 3 figures with text descriptions on snail promoter and enhancer manipulations to ML&ML.
  • Starting z-calibration analysis for 08/25/12 data (AbdA).
  • Running data O/N on Tuck PcGFP & AbdA
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