Friday 09/14/12

10:30 AM

  • Still trying to install DaoSTORM on Monet.  See post.
  • Installed CMAKE (go for the exe)
  • Installed LAPACK (finally).
  • Attempting to install mingw-64 bit.
  • After many failed attempts, now seems to be working.  However Lapack still won’t link into DaoSTORM compiled c code correctly:

  • the mingw-32-gcc part of this from the mingw_64 folder seems to execute as effectively as the minGW\bin (32-bit) did.  It gives no errors on the compile commands that don’t involve lapack.
  • Have lots of bead calibration files that need to be analyzed for recent movies.

STORM4 issues

  • dichroaic pentaband is cutting 50% of laser power of 656 laser, leading to poor switching (and hence 100,000 frame movies).
  • Replaced dichroic with Semrock pentaband, which passes 556 laser much better.

Working on comparing DaoSTORM output to InsightM output.

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