Monday 09/17/12

9:30 AM – 7:30PM, 9:00P – 11:00P

  • Start Unsupervised_Dotfinding for mRNA counting of sog data.
  • Troubleshooting error with list2img for movie2vectorSTORM: not outputting Gaussian image
  • Getting GPU gaussian blobs script to work — test script works great
  • Lab meeting (Shu: Airey beams and AO)
  • Meeting with Ting Wu and Fredric Bantignies
  • Meeting with Fred to discuss projects design libraries
  • Francis lab group meeting.  Discuss recent Dev Bio paper.
  • Working on getting GPU Gaussian blob imaging to work.   Trying to call on data returns ‘no cuda capable device detected’ (maybe I crashed CUDA?)  Test data which used to work also not working.  Restart computer and try test data again?  (also did some reformatting of test script to smooth out functional call.  Hopefully this is not the problem).
  • Reviews back on kinetics paper.  Generally supportive,  need to fix up manuscript explanations and figures and present more lit on mRNA degredation.
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