Thursday 09/27/12

9:35 A  – 10:10 P

  • Revising text
  • Revising figures: convert all fonts, etc
  • Finished first complete run-through of response to reviewers, 
  • Additional to do.  (X indicates complete)
    • X reformat all references (opening on laptop lost references?)
    • X check that legends match figure letters
    • X check that colors in legends match figures
    • X check that text references to figure panels match letters
    • X check character limit: ~31,000 of (32,000)
    • X Graphical Abstract: cartoon of high-density transcription, then single mRNA in cell and homogeneous expression pattern. Check if cell has good guidelines. Otherwise scan current graphical abstracts.
      • Came up with 2 potential abstracts.
    • X Change Supp Note 1 to Extended Experimental Procedures
    • X Change Supp Note 2 to Extended Results
    • X Convert all supp mat figures to new color scheme and Cell fonts (Arial)
    • Add to Extended Results: discussion of polymerase traffic
  • Revised manuscript and response to reviewers sent to ML
  • Literature
    • Adelman pausing review “pausing more prevelant at constitutive genes”  I don’t think one should call it ‘pausing’ if it’s constitutive. It’s certainly not hsp70 like.  
    • Singer CSH protocols article on imaging transcription: No Library Subscription.
    • Hendrix & Kellis article on non-coding RNA analysis: No Library Subscription.
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