Wednesday 10/10/12

10:00 A – 8:00P, 9:00P – 11:15P

  • Collect virgins
  • Working on presentation for meeting with Xiaowei (see notes below on data processing and analysis).
  • Meeting with XZ.  Notes here.

Processing STORM data

  • 8/25/12 AbdA, no 750 movies analyzed yet in folder STORM.  Reset min height 750 to 50 and relaunched analysis of folder STORM on Cajal in batch of 6.  Finished.
  • running AbdA 8/25 750 insight analysis in STORM2.

Analyzing previous STORM data, see post for summary

Useful research notes and thougths:
  • Questions for Pc / chromatin community
    • why is ubx (believed) to not be H3K27me3 in posterior cells? (e.g. Abd-B tissues).  It has a potent PRE shown to induce silencing of neighboring genes and is not induced itself.
  • On troubleshooting etching: Tissue blistering sign of water on tissue / in EtOH sodium ethoxide.



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