Wednesday 12/12/12

10:30 A – 7:30P,

Data analysis

  • Analyzing Hp1a centromere data
  • Labeling density still somewhat low, centromere certainly not ‘coated’ with Hp1a by imaging.
  • Might be an antibody accessability thing.  Should compare with bio-labeled centromere probe.  I remember when I last did bio-labeled centromere probe in embryos the labeling density seemed much less than I typically observe with directly labeled probe.  Should also do a test with HP1a in 647.

Working on lab meeting presentation layout   coverglass Ucryo section

  • coverslip slid over too the rest on top of the non-silanated labeling area of the coverslip (bringing the solution with it at least), leaving coverglass dry).
  • Sections still look well labeled on Turnkey
  • store at 4C for STORM imaging time tomorrow


  • Eskland 2010 shows decompaction of hox loci in ES cells upon RA induction.  Decompaction is also observed in non-induced ES cells upon PRC1 (Ring1B) and PRC2 (Eed) knockdown.  PRC2 
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