Wednesday 02/06/13

9:00 A – 8:30P, 9:30P-11:00P

Mulitplex STORM

  • covergalss shattered en route from HMS to cambridge, extracting fragments of slides, successfully ID Bx-C Pc.
  • stained BX-C with Pc-488 (new ab-cam anti-rb). Stained additional Pc labeled slide with Pc-750. (1 hr + brief 10-15 min wash).
  • Test loci substantially less bright than previous imaging. Lost during protein stain? Can we compare loss rate over time, loss rate in 2X SSCT vs. PBT? Can we do protein staining in 2x SSCT?
  • some loci much, much brighter? Are these background points, not BXC loci?
  • Set up imaging, will see if we can run smoothly through tomorrow.

STORM Analysis

  • convert .ini parameters for z-fit into .xml formats for multiplex embryos
  • Set up FAb-7, BX-C in S3 cells, and Bx-C-647 + H3K27-488 in embryos.
  • # set up analysis of Ubx imaging.


  • Working on review

Fly work

  • collect virgins
  • flip shRNA MAT crosses
  • Flip PcG mutant bottles
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