Monday 02/18/13

9:50 AM – 7:30P, 8:30P-11:00P

Embryo work

  • Collection cages moved to 25C
  • Flip collection cages
  • Fix Esc embryos (3-12 hrs)
  • Fix 4P: Pc/Ph/Scm embryos 6-18 hrs

Lab meeting notes

Fly Work

  • AM esc virgin collection
  • PM esc virgin collection
  • all shRNA lines are viable with Mat alpha tub at 29C, except Rad21 (maybe).
  • however fertility rate is many fold greater in mBT and Su(Z)12.
  • should try collecting the others — maybe a stray generation skip or some variability allows some of these guys to slip through: set these up tomorrow. Kill Pc/Ph/Scm cages (we have a good test collection for now, we can reset these cages up anytime and start collecting more if the first test looks promising.


  • Finish O/N run of Fab7+ss.

Computer organization

  • Confirm if confocal files on Alistair3 are also backed up on GRAID = True. Deleted Alistair3 copies. moving 2012-03-02_PscK27 to Alistair3 from 3b.
  • If so we can probably move the rest of Alistair3B onto Alistair3 in 2TB. This can fit on a FantomGreen Drive and Alistair3 can get reformatted as a RAID5 or RAID0 single disk. Still 360Gb short.
  • Alistair1 has 40 GB free, Alistair2 has 11GB free, Alistair4 has 30GB free, Alistair5 has 3GB free. Alistair6 has 51GB free.
  • could move Alistair1 and the first half of Alistair3 onto 2 new 2TB drives (new #1 and #2. Current Alistair2 becomes Alistair3 to fix chronology). Deleted some blank data files from Alistair3, now only 170 GB of homeless K27Pho experiment on Alistair3b. Though Alistair3 will be using 1.99 GB and a reformatted disk only has 1.81 TB of free space, so I don’t think this helped.
  • Alistair8 got its drive letter overwritten during connection. Reconnected as USB.
  • changed the registry to allow hotswap for windows, following these directions:
  • Overall data / and disk name chronology is pretty good: Alistair2 and 3 chronology mostly swapped, but that’s okay.

STORM analysis

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