Thursday 02/28/13

10:20 A -6:45P, 8:15P – 11:55P

(workout 8:30-10:20A)

Probe Making

  • (1P-6P @ Longwood)
  • emPCR for 100kb yellow, green and black regions (at Wu lab)
  • see new protocol
  • 35-50 ng/uL yield (11 uL total volume)


  • Looking in to version managing posts
  • Goal is that permalinks go to post as it stood on day linked, not the updated copy. This should be especially useful in tracking protocols.
  • Possible candidates: WP Document Revisions. Document Repository. Both geared towards documents, but by making documents like posts. Hopefully works fine for real posts. Otherwise can just make protocols real documents I guess.

Bioinformatics coding

  • working on importing DAMID data for KC cells from Van Stessel lab into matlab.
  • BioIndexedFile does not allow for Column Headers to be termed Keys for the memory mapped file.
  • Using textscan instead.

UltraCryo Section labeling

  • prepping one very nice coverslip of sections for BXC DFISH
  • 92C and 60C incubations performed in downstairs waterbath
  • prepping less nice coverslip with a few clear invaginating late cc14 embryos for test run of RNA FISH with snail probe. Starting from PBT-hybe mix. sna-dig + inv-Fluroscein, en-Fluroscein.
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