Monday 03/04/13

9:45 A – 7:30 P, 9:00 P-11:30 P

General stuff

  • Group meeting: see notes
  • send out invites to Banff workshop
  • Continue working on writing referee review

Fly work

  • flipped all bottle stocks
  • tossed all Mat alpha tub bottles
  • currently expanding: Pc[1]/TM1, Ph/Fm7, Scm/Tm3
  • downsized: Df/esc[2],CyO.
  • For virgin collection: Pc[1]/TM1 and Scm/Tm3 (to recombine)
  • For virgin collection: dl[D]/CyO, da[10]/Gla (to make maternal double hets)
  • New stocks: Gla/CyO, Esc[6]/Gla, da[10]/CyO.


  • Started new project: ImageShop.fig
  • Goals
    1. clone the functions of photoshop I use most
    2. add some simple batch processing (convert a whole group of images from one format to another, downsizing if desired).
    3. Could add read/extract lsm features
  • Added features today
    1. multiple image load for batch processing
    2. multiple image load with tabs and image exit buttons.
  • Currently on hold until weekend / my time for coding, need to do more science today. ImageShop_tabs_w_exits


  • backup Projects folder to D:/ drive (54 GB)

Embryo Section staining

  • RNA hybe failed — no detectable en/inv or AbdA/Ubx/AbdB staining patterns (though substantially more background in 555 and 488)
  • RNA FISH protocol removes previous DNA FISH stain
  • 5 New slides (restaining previous 3 embryo sections with AATAT + 2 new embryo sections with BXC).
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