Saturday 03/09/13

10:30 A


  • setup imaging of 2x-Cy5 labeled Fab7. Hardly detectable loci in conventional — many (most?) cells no candidate locus detectable. General cy5 background seems higher.
  • Found a few cells that look like reasonable candidates for conventional.
  • Background clearly higher, foci still detectable, some swtiching for 50K frames.
  • These seem to have much lower contrast than the last set of Fab7 cy5 no 405 though. Should compare the Mosaic files and conventional images.
  • Ran out of disk space on STORM2 computer. Attached Alistair10 to STORM2.
  • Hal still freezing repeatedly. restarted STORM2.
  • Hal froze again while trying to setup up dave and save Mosaic at the same time. Repeatedly refreezes upon program restart. Rebooting computer.
  • Hal STORM2 froze again — O/N run of 2xCy5 failed.
  • From mosaic staining is in the ~failed category as well.
  • 2xcy5 + 405 switching beautifully on STORM3.


  • Wiped Cato, installed Xubuntu in place of Windows XP.
  • setup remote desktop through openconnect VPN (Cisco client from Harvard website did not work).
  • Select VPN from internet / wireless icon, select ZhuangLab, then enter username #@ZHAUNG and password.


  • Update readme in matlab-storm. Send to repo link to Tom de Geer.

Transcription model

(for review)


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