Lezhei seminar

Solar cell construction

  • atomic layer deposition of SnS (photon absorbing layer).
  • add Sn-X, binds surface, add S2H, replaces X with S. Rpt to make 1500 nm layer
  • Zn(O,S) layer — combination very sensitive effect on solar cell efficiency.
  • Stats: Voc (v) .22 Jsc (mA/cm^2) 20.3. F 47%


  • use existing software to build a model (~100 parameters, most can be measured)
  • how do you chose the best guess parameters — (how does the degree of freedom reflect relate to the dimensionality of the data).
  • conduction band offset choice:
    1. large offset impedes photocurrent
    2. small offset can’t generate substantial voltage difference.
    3. small (or negative) offset allows the holes to fill, resulting in further loss of photocurrent.


  • unknown what is a best guess minority carrier diffusion length. Important parameter in determining optimal thickness of SnS.
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