Tuesday 07/09/13

9:30 A – 7:00 P, 8:15 P – 11:00 P


  • got 10 kb segments to run. Still lots of crashes, some substantial regions lack probes
  • if we’re fragmenting sections so we have to stitch backtogether, might as well do all separate fasta files separate commands. Running 1kb single entry fasta files. Hopefully its just a few sections that crash.
  • Server very full, all jobs stuck in PEND queue for hours…
  • Run through feducial drift correction
  • Ydc and Bdc were done with 100nm beads — much less bright, need to change insight parameters and re-run.
  • processed all Green drift-corrected data. thresholds were a bit low on data fitting — some smears of bright regions interfere with local dots.

Review issues

project 2

  • small group meeting
  • team meeting
  • data analaysis
  • see protected post.
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