Friday 10/25/13

10:00a – 9:00p

Ph Meeting (10:30-1:00p)

  • More numbers
  • simple fig for on rate / off rate model descrimination
  • need more bio-info trends
  • Psc knockdown


  • Discussing Random Walk simulation algorithms
  • explaining existing model code
  • presented stripped down model code for further exploration

project 2 mentoring

  • discuss gene annotations
  • need to get gene list analyzed.

RNA quantification

  • See Manual
  • excitation maxima at 500, emission maxima 525. Must be narrow peaks, we tried excite at 450, scan absorption from 500+, and excite at 500 scan from 550+.

STORM4 troubleshooting

  • TO get the AOTF to connect: Turn off computer. Turn off AOTF. Turn on AOTF. Turn on Computer.
  • Current Quadview cube with notch filter is in POSITION 6 (as best as I can tell).
  • This is different than what the key on the wall suggests (which would be 3) and different the setting I found in Colenso and Yari’s settings files (position 1).
  • Position 3 gives horrible
  • Non-Gaussian beamshape creates really weird diffraction pattern when aligning back-optics.
  • short treatment with 561 beads, very few stuck.
  • lamina stains look great.
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