Monday 01/06/13

10:00a – 11:30p


  • lab meeting (post-doc interview). See notes
  • post-doc chat
    • fixing up slides for post-doc chats, moving onto google docs so that the presentation is mobile
    • google docs having issues loading images in presentations that used to display just fine.
    • a number of images display properly when run in presentation mode. some still fail to load.
    • libreOffice keeps freezing when I try to update my current set of slides. what is this?
    • attempting to download. This actually works and displays figures correctly
    • notes for next time: fewer stories, more background.
  • post-doc dinner

Chromatin imaging (single color)

  • Finish O/N STORM of F03 spots on STORM4.
  • Set up new O/N STORM of F04 spots on STORM4
  • test out Hal upgrades on STORM4?

cell culture

  • Set up new 12-well plate of Kc167 cells for fixation and hybe prep
  • passage cells (new media to both active flasks).
  • fixing cells (settled out perfectly confluent).

New stains

  • G4-P1-A647
  • F5-P1-A647
  • F3 + F4 + F5 -P1-A647
  • F5-P1-A647 + F6-P3-A750

Ph project


  • reasonable results for PhM effects in capping model
  • need to re-run for diff binding model (now in process)

Data analysis

  • start processing cells through STORMrender (used to parse out individual cells) for Ph analysis.
  • over-expression I think is killing the structure. The lower expressing wt look much better.
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