Sunday 01/12/14

4:00p – 5:20p, 5:50p – 10:30p

chromatin data analysis

  • F03, F04, F05, and BX-C data
  • does current spit dax work correctly on 512×256 images?
    • Or are half the frames skipped?
    • or something worse?
    • SplitQVdaxWorksOn512x256
    • seems to work just fine.
  • Ran bead fitting analysis and splitDax for new BX-C data.
  • started quantifying F03 spots with ChromatinCropper
  • should start computing more 3D stats on clusters as well.

coding: chromatin cropper

  • fixed a few bugs in new dual color chromatin cropper for running in single color data mode.

Fly work

  • forgot to finish flipping flies in end of December.
  • most stocks terminated. This is probably just as well. Kept newly made esc and newly made multi-balancer lines.
  • Should still have frozen embryos to tie up loose ends projects with if I ever find the time.

New staining:

  • F03-647 F04-750
  • F04-647 F03-750
  • F03-647, F05-750
  • staining at 9pm
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