Tuesday 02/18/14

9:45a – 7:00p, 9:00p – 12:20a


  • Imaging G123 (sample 1 from last staining). Very, very high nuclear background (and strong signal). surprising given the concentration used, but maybe should try 1/10th concentration.

STORM analysis

  • Cajal crashed, all jobs got aborted.
  • relaunching F05-F06 F06-F05 and S2 and WT data anlysis
  • quick check of F06-F05 data, 750 localizations drop DRAMATICALLY AGAIN. Really the 750 buffer dies 50 fold faster.

Data analysis

  • working on rough outline / scope of manuscript: see post
  • working on figs for meeting with XZ (see google docs).

To do

  • reply to JTB about review.
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