Thursday 03/20/14

10:15a – 12:15a

Project 2

Chromatin Project

Probe Making


  • 4 uL primer
  • gel looks good, basically complete incorporation. Maybe try 8 uL primer next time? (going to need to order more primer!)
  • probes in 4C walkin, still need to do final clean up and concentrate with oligo-cleanup kit
  • remaining 10 uL RNA in -20C. Should decide what to do with this or move it down to -80C tomorrow.

Data Analysis

  • Finished analyzing F11-F12 2 color data (from Dec!).
  • Completed ChromatinCropper’ analysis of F12-G01 data (more backgroundy but at least lots of localizations).
  • still need to compile results and make some comparative figures
  • still need to chose out the beauty shots from these rounds.
  • might want to repeat next with the BXC related series in multi-color
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