Tuesday 04/15/14

9:30a – 11:55p

Computer stuff

  • troubleshooting Cajal
  • 590 GTX graphics card fried
  • installed AMD card that came with Dell
  • not recognizing all RAM (only 40 of 48 GB recognized)
  • Turned off, pressed all RAM firmly into DIMM slots. Now only 24 GB recognized.
  • enough of this, this is up and running again, will play with this another time.
  • Quadro5000 for less than $1000: http://www.nvidia.com/object/buy_now_results_ci.html?id=QD5000

working on automatic launching

  • trying to get Matlab to drag-and-drop open files.
  • This seems not to be a solved problem, except for some suggestions of writing stuff in java or using the activeX controls, neither of which I find clear evidence of successful implementation.
  • However one should be able to configure specific filetypes to launch specific matlab functions according to this.
  • Windows 7 no longer has a file type manager window. This program allows access to this functionality: http://defaultprogramseditor.com/download
  • didn’t work.
  • can create a .bat program probably that takes the filetype as its import and calls matlab -r LaunchSTORMfinder(‘daxname’) to window system. This will launch a new version of matlab and open the file. Still not really what we wanted.


Probe troubleshooting

  • 3 degree change seems to have made substantial difference in labeling efficiency.
  • sample C01 at 78 thermometer temp denature looks much much better.
  • sample E06 looks nicely stained.


  • imaging sample E06 on STORM1. Lots of switching.
  • buffer 2 uL COT, 5 uL BME otherwise standard
  • aligned dualview
  • took bead field images and bead Z-calibration images first.
  • Blue-screen system failure. started defrag. deleted some old data files. cancelled defrag (taking forever) Restarted analysis, writing of ESATA this time
  • Blue-screen system failure 2. deleted more data files that users confirmed are backed up. ran windows security updates. restarted defrag. Cancelled defrag (16%). Started analysis. Saving to c/users/data folder (oops). Set partway through movie to have working dir as external ESATA. We’ll see if it switches.

project 2

  • working on slides for XZ for meeting on Thursday. Need slides for Wed. (see googledocs presentation)
  • working on data analysis code.
  • see notes.
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