Wednesday 08/06/14

9:15 am – 9:15 pm

Ph project

  • discussion clarifying “cluster” definition — yes this goes all the way down to “clusters” which probably contain only a single molecule.
  • analyzing PH clusters lacking PC
    • this is not as robust with the 750 data as with the 647 data
    • need some adjustments for background and density

Project 2

  • team meeting
  • data analysis — see post.

Chromatin imaging

  • need new z-calibration movie
  • modify CC to use bk images for mask and original scan images for conv. Ideally have toggle to use either set in either place.
    • currently 2 channel nature of the data is not detected if we use single channel conventional images.
  • fixing some issues with chromatic alignment — turns out I entered the channels in the wrong order in STORMrender, and then got myself confused. CC and STORMrender agree perfectly, CC for the 750 data takes the guesswork out.

Chromatin data analysis

  • analyzing F06 F07 data
  • 750 background pretty high. Not certain the z-focus difference is perfectly corrected
  • new 750 z-calibration seems to be needed.
  • despite skipping lots of spots for background issues or low localization number, I can still get 50 cells in this data set.
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