Saturday 06/13/15

12:00am -7:00am, 11:30am-7:00pm,


  • finished submission, ~7:00 am. yay!

New material to work with:


  • flipped fly plate, 12:30 pm.
  • plan: 3 hr collection + 2 hr age -> 5:30 pm
  • flipped cage again 3:30 pm
  • depolymerizing formaldhyde at 70C in incubator (should order more, almost out). Need more heptane too.
  • plan: fix embryos
  • fixed embryos at 5:30 (2-5 hr collection). Good yield. With red label, marked with 2-5hr yw and 15-06-13 in methanol in -20.


  • started new Kc167 culture going from frozen stock, 1:00 pm
  • passaged to remove residual freezing media.
  • density is excellent, could move to large plates tonight / tomorrow.

Additional prep

  • SN points out embryonic derived PSC Su(Z)2 Pirrotta and Schwartz labs
  • see experiment planning post describing plans, reagents and resources.


  • Heptane
  • ultapure formaldehyde
  • Sneider’s media (for the RNAi and new cell lines. at least necessary for the serum shock transfection).


  • catching up on the recent progress be reading the team lab-notebook entries I missed.


  • finish descriptions of patents for DR progress report.
  • sent forms for signature to XZ.
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