Wednesday 02/10/12

11:00A – 7:30P, 8:30P-11:30P

  • Flip collection cages 11:20A
  • Order Primers for Taf1, aTub84B, m13F/R
  • Confocal: STORM prepped slides.  Both 1hr and 35 min samples are substantially over etched, most of sample is gone.  Try 20 min next (?).
  • Confocal: MP08 embryos.  No good rescue embryos on 1/17/12 slide.
  • Attempted concentrating H3K27me3-647 antibody and ac-750 antibody using vivaspin. only 2 fold concentration increase for 750, though estimate now 2:1 405:750 instead of 18:8 (dye peaks dropped, antibody peak did not improve).
  • Adapted dax2png code for more general application. Projected 750-dye check images (into data folder on ALISTAIR2).
  • Discussion with Yari on confocal imaging of plasticized embryos.  Should be able to see 647 in plastic.    Trim face of plastic block.  Put plastic block back in a cut embedding capsule (for support) and place on coverglass with a water drop or oil drop between glass and plastic (oil permeates the block somewhat and reduces stiffness of first sections).
  • Working on snail paper text
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