Thursday 03/01/12

9:50 A – 12:10 A

  • Transfer PcG and Hb/Bcd samples to ethanol for embedding
  • Running Insight3 analysis on single section images from Tuesday / Wednesday STORM session.
  • Discussion with Graham and Colenso: Try switching to BME for
  • Drosophila PcG shRNA lines arrived.  Need maternal driver still.  Need to start stock list.
  • Order new TF antibodies from Hybridoma Bank:
  • 4D9 anti-engrailed/invected; 3C10 anti-even skipped, ESC 53.1; 6E8 (PSC); anti-Scr 6H4.1; anti-ABD-B (1A2E9); Ubx FP3.38; C1A9 (HP1);
  • Fly lines arrived: PcG shRNA knockdown
  • Discuss with Ben maternal drivers.  Recommends contact Perrimon for master maternal Gal4 line (see email).
  • Smoothing out code for automated image projection.
  • Exporting super-resolution figures of Psc on chromatin for fly meeting talk.
  • wrote new automated code for for running Insight from matlab.  Works on Monet and Tuck.
  • First pass of the 3D H2 data not look good.
  • Attempting 2D analysis of 3D H2 data for comparison.
  • Resin embedding of samples.  Samples in oven at 6P.
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