Friday 06/08/12

10:00 -8:00P, 9:00P -11:20P

  • Flip fly cages
  • Finish clean up O/N STORM run.  Coopying files from Alistair5 to Alistair4.
  • move in situ probe-test slides into boxes.  (Move archive boxes into 4C bin to make more space in 4C drawer?)
  • 11:00 A – 3:00 P confocal test new probe stains: all probes work!
  • tub pretty highly expressed, substantial cytoplasmic mRNA from exon.  Can still ID nascent dots. Taf not well expressed.
  • antibody labeling with KE: new donkey anti-mouse and donkey anti-rabbit (from R&D Systems, not Jackson).  1 sample new Jackson antibody.   Labeling reaction less efficient than previous with Jackson, upped concentration
  • Fix embryos, 1-6 hrs.
  • Etch Pc-GFP. First round forgot to add beads.
  • First Pc-GFP etched 1 hr 25 min, had some wrinkles.  Difficulty locating sample, may be over etched?
  • Forgot to shoot z-calibration on beads this last-night this morning.  3D bead fields don’t replace z-calibration movie of programmed steps.
  • Start test stains of new PCNA antibodies and newly labeled
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