Tuesday 08/21/12

9:45 A-5:00P, 8:00P-9:45P

  • Write to TRiP about Pc cross to 3x mat Gal4 outcomes (see previous post).
  • Running analysis of Dfd dataset.
  • This dataset seems to run out of memory and freezes matlab.
  •   Should upgrade RAM in Monet.
  • Literature review:
    •  new Ma paper on Bcd bursting
    • Review on sister chromatid epigenetics
  • Fixed RAM issue for the moment by adding optional compression factor in fxn_rebuild_mosaic to downsample.  Sadly matlab does not support sparse uint8
  • Analyzing K27 structure throughout time using 41 images from AbdA AbdB dataset (see post)
  • Start Analysis of snail promoter data from last week. Need to sort out repeat images from the plethora of stack acquisition errors.
  • Set up O/N confocal of m106 (ThsPr minus proximal).  16 embryos, 2 color (488 /m8 no good) speed 6.  All obviously mutants except for one obvious control (ThsPr minus proximal does not produce wildtype like rescue embryos).
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