Wednesday 08/22/12

9:25 A – 7:00P, 8:00P – 11:15P

  • breakdown O/N confocal run of m106 (ThsPr minus proximal enhancer)
  • Continue running dot counting on previous mRNA data
  • process new O/N m106 data.  weird image error after image15.  suspect screw-up with new LSM5 format from 780.  Try to export manually from Zen software.  Zen 2009 Light crashes when trying to load file.  Try on Zen core software tomorrow.
  • volleyball
  • smoothing out bugs in movie2vectorSTORM and running all summer data through analysis to output multi-color image files.
  • Getting Odyssey analysis running
  • Trying to run 3d multifit analysis on Tuck.  No luck, talk to Hazen tomorrow.
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