Saturday 08/25/12

10:30 A – 7:30P, 8:3oP – 10:40P

  • check O/N confocal run, 13 embryos 2 channels 70 sections on speed 5 started at 8P, 12/13 finished. (several embryos were not substantially flattened, hence the extra sections).
  • expansion of lens has changed focal position, many embryos not getting top layer of mRNA.  Restarted run for embryos 2-12, speed 6, recalibrated z.
  • Etching S7 AbdA AbdB coverslip 1 (good ribbon).  Using new sodium ethoxide from freezer stock.  First 15 min etch, resin sections clearly visible.
  • second 15 min etch, resin sections clearly visible.  Return for another 32 min etch (I think this is going to be a long one).
  • Working on configuring 3d_daostorm scripts to run on odessey.  Compiled all c-programs except for grid.c. README does not have directions on compiling grid.c, and: “gcc grid.c -o grid -lm” doesn’t work nor does “gcc grid.c -0 grid”
  • calling sample script also gives an error on import library.datareader, even though library is definetely added to system path.
  • No cylindrical lens on STORM4.
  • STORM4 also not tiling correctly — images all flipped in steve (probably in hal too).
  •  Replaced rod structure with Graham and re-aligned camera using micron ruler slide.   Minor further adjustments using bead slides.  Field is moderately flat.  fix time 3.5 hrs.  Starting bead calibration movies, 5:15pm.
  • Replacement seems to have fixed tiling.  STORM imaging of AbdA.  very little AbdB detectable.
  • Confocal rnd 2 of mp07 (minus primary) embryos finished.  Image 30C Mp07s?
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