Sunday 09/09/12

4:00P-7:00P, 9:45P-11:30P

  • Organizing snail data in lab notebook summary (see post).  Figured out how to add multiple different slideshows to same post (can reference a wordpress object/post by id=xxxx.  can also use include = attachment id. (mouse over thumbnail for this).
  • Organizing centromere data into figure.
  • Assembling combined figure of snail analysis (still in prep).
  • Attempt SCP download of files from mounia on Flybuzz.  File sizes are still too small — only 1 image in today’s file.  Wrote to Na’aman and Mounia about trying direct upload at the computer rather than command line scp of folder.
  • Tuck froze.  Last batch of 12-16 dax files in analysis in InsightM get canceled.  Need to relaunch.
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