Thursday 09/13/12

9:00 A – 4:00P, + remotely 5:00P-7:20P, 8:20P-11:20PM

  • O/N STORM run still going smooth and in focus at 8:00 AM.
  • O/N STORM run completes on time, 9:30AM.  Break down run turn off scope.
  • Coding matlab wrapper for python / DaoSTORM (see post)
  • Rewrote insightM wrapper into smarter fxn based on new DaoSTORM wrapper.   Also has proper vargin inputs.
  • Initialize new local code repository Matlab_STORM for good copies of Matlab scripts for STORM analysis.
  • setup Matlab_STORM on Github
  • send git intro to Jeff.
  • screwed up pointer to DaoSTORM parameters file for test run 1.  Fixed and re-running analysis to compare.
  • Analysis completed.  Didn’t include tracking (repeat this?)
  • Attempting to get DaoSTORM running on Monet.  Need to recompile c libraries for Windows 7 Ultimate (I think this is the error.  Windows 2008 Server binaries not working).
  • Installing MinGW.
  • Downloaded windows compiled Lapack from here
  • Failed to install a functional version of 4 bit MinGW compiler (can download but  not install / compile to create executable form).  Attempts to change file in shell script and execute fail.
  • unable to link lapack.
  • Probably should be doing this with the 64 bit compiler anyway.
  • 5 hours of downloading installing and surfing for solutions.   No progress.  Yay windows for having STUPID DIFFICULT ability to get a simple 64 bit c-compiler working.   Try on Linux laptop next?
Fly work / planning
  • New fly stocks ordered
    • 2311 sna[18]
    • 33402 SuZ(12) TRiP valium20
    • 35389 Scm TRiP valium22
    • 36070 Pc 1 TRiP valium22
    • 33964 Pc 2 TRiP valium20
    • 33622 Pc 3 TRiP valium20
    • 35207 Ph-p TRiP valium22
    • 33669 Ph-p 2 TRiP valium20
    • 35297 Psc TRiP valium22
    • 35381 mBT TRiP valium22
    • 36786 Rad21 TRiP valium22
    • 25374 Act5-Gal4 w.
  • Check: previously ordered fly stocks have not arrived.
  • Sent introduction letter to Fred Bantignies, with demo figure.
  • Sent update on OligoPAINT STORM to Ting Wu.
snail project
Additional Notes
  • Colenso diagnosing issues with STORM4. Laser alignment on laser table substantially off-base, and beam alignement after fiber into objective substantially skewed, resulting in low laser power.  Should now be fixed.  Beam expansion lens now 100 mm focal point (smaller than previous).


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