Sunday 10/28/12

10:30 A – 1:45P, 4:45 – 8:15P

Fly Work

  • 10:30A collect virgin Espl/sim
  • 12:00 P, flip collection cages
  • 7:30 P, fix embryos, 0.5 – 7 hrs MTDs, Psc 1, and Pc 3.  Left on shaker.  Good embryos should be sunk in MeOH layer and preserved.
  • forgot evening virgin collection.
  • Finish O/N confocal.  2 postions definetely not sampled deep enough.  A few past nuclear layer but not past snail.  Definitely dynamical structure to the apical localization of snail mRNA.  

Embryo Staining

  • Finish staining Abd-B (405,750 and Cy3B) and WGA-488 and Draq5.  MTD x Psc 1 and MTD x Pc 3.


  • Wash out probe at 60C hot wash (2x SSCT) and RT SSCT, followed by PBT washes.
  • labeled with WGA-488.  At 4C in PBT, check staining tomorrow.
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