Friday 11/02/12

9:30 A – 7:48 PM, 10:50 – 11:45PM

Fly work

  • Flip collection plates on MTD x SCM, MTD, and sim[D], 9:30A
  • Flip collection plates, sim[D] 1:15  P
  • Collect virgin Act5-Gal4, MTDs, and sim/Espl.  Sort sim/Espl against humoral bristles.
  • New crosses (in rack at 22C)
    • TRIP.Ph-p x Act5-Gal4
    • TRIP.Ph-d x Act5-Gal4
    • TRIP.mbt x Act5-Gal4
    • TRIP.Su(z)12 x Act5-Gal4
    • TRIP.Rad21 x Act5-Gal4
    • TRIP.Pc1 x Act5-Gal4
    • TRIP.Pc2 x Act5-Gal4
    • TRIP.Pc3 x Act5-Gal4 (- cntrl, viable in MTD xs)
    • TRIP.Scm x Act5-Gal4 (+ cntrl, lethal in MTD xs)
  • Moved all 12 Espl/sim x TM2/TM6 crosses to 22C to grow.
  • Freeze MTD x PSC and MTD x PC3
  • Fix embryos (3PM)
  • Fix embryos (7PM)  — [skipped]
  • PM virgin collection: Act5-G4 and MTDs.
Western digital MyBook studio 2 refuses to format for windows.  
CD software freezes at ‘Preparing’ when attempting to install on Tuck or Monet.
Copying data to GRAID

  • Meeting with Eric Wang,
    • discuss SR imaging, recommend HCBI ELYRA to try out stuff and start contact in official channels to see what options are there.
    • discuss RCA on ligated tethered antibodies for colocalization.

Cell culture DNA-FISH test

  • toll, y, antp, ubx, y-2, abdA-2, antp2, cent.
  • Added 50 uL + of DFISH hybe soln to compensate for evaporation…
Embryo DNA-FISH: day 2 antibody labeling.  (4C O/N).  
Probe making
  • Test get of DFISH probes from BAC5 and 1 (Purple labels), BAC 5 -red label at 4:1 mix:polI.
  • Probes look okay, large smear from 100bp-5kb.  Ask Fred about getting this narrower? Use more DNAse?
  • concentration (with dye in buffer, relative to ddH2O blank) is 220 ng/mL = pretty good? (despite rather faint on typhoon?  can see well on gel box.  Should dilute ladder another 10x at least).
Sectioning: cut 4 coverslips of sample 1- inv,tou-dig-Cy3B, Epc-514.  see how it goes.  Except need to fix steve for different camera position.

Francis lab group meeting — discuss snoRNA paper.




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