Monday 11/05/12

9:30A -10:00P

Overview of today

  • Flip sim[D] plate (9:30A)
  • Colenso Lab meeting
  • Age sim[D] plate and 3 MTD x SCM plates
  • Fix sim[D] and SCM embryos.  Should be ready for in situs
  • Working on Francis lab group meeting presentation / research planning
  • Bustamante seminar
cell culture DFISH methods development
  • Attempting staining on coverslips.  Test sample works with WGA-488 + hoechst — cells still attached densely to coverslip after washing coverslip, adhereing coverslip to glass slide (for ~10 min + imaging) and detaching from glass slide for post-wash.   Coverglass mounts nicely in prolong
  • Should use 18mm coverglass in 12-well plates.  22mm fits perfectly and is perfectly impossible to remove coverglass without inverting (loosing solution), or by chipping/ breaking coverglass to create handle (current solution).
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