Monday 11/12/12

9:45 A – 7:30 P, 8:45P – 10:00P

Troubleshooting issues with bead warping

  • wrote short translation correction to (1D polywarp) to correct the gross aberrations introduced by the STORM4 quadview.
  • Still seems to be a shift. ¬†Might be due to difference between 4 panel quadview mode (512×512) and single channel view or the associated coordinate transformation (-256 or -255? x/y). ¬† Testing with warping conventional bead images.
  • Alignment still not perfect but not off by an obvious
  • Running fitting analysis (2D) of inv data

In situs day 1

[spreadsheet 0AjSqkxgziU1YdG90a29UaU5ua1FLUXZ5LTFmM1pMSlE 602 302 sheet=7]

DFISH with Fab7 probe from Fred (488?) and control centromere (in great excess concentration as previous — should try a serial dilution series of this) .


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