Tuesday 02/12/13

9:30 A – 7:00P,

8:45P – 11:45P (remote)


  • changed way z-drift is calculated during z-calibration movie:
  • assume that first jump is the intended distance of 600 nm (well we actually compute this back by taking max(zstage - zstage(1)) *1000 as the jump distance in nm. This defines the offset-units to nm conversion, and we can then use the actual offset values which have the true uncorrected position of the stage. This reflects better the outputs given by hal during acquistion.
  • InsightM fitting cares very much about z calibration start and z calibration end. No points will be mapped beyond these values, no matter their fit to the calibration curve.
  • writing GUI for chromatic calibration parameter selection
  • Opening Function in Matlab GUI is called upon startup and close! This is a serious problem for setting up and saving defaults.
  • work-around execute set defaults function only if parameter OK set by save parameters button is still false.
  • Making Zcalibration more robust
  • Making chormatic calibration more robust
  • See Github for details


  • setup parallel analysis of 02-06-12 data using InsightM.
  • InsightM is heavy on reading from disk — unlike DaoSTORM. Seems to work poorly over the network connected drive.

Fly work

  • D5 cross looked good, but stock vial kept is labeled D6!: either I kept the D6 instead of the D5s, or I labeled the D5 vial D6. –> Set up 15 test crosses with D5 x sim F1 males back to Espl, see which males have Espl as well (all males emerged have sim, since they either started with it linked to Espl or they got it from the parents). Take these males and cross same male again to a balancer line to recover the stock (hope the males last long enough for this to work). Also set up new D5/6? test cross Espl to see if this stock vial is infact D5 just labeled as D6.
  • collect AM virgins
  • Move Mat-tub x shRNAi Pc1 F1 x F1 to 29C
  • new bottle of emerging esc/esc collected (only 1 male, and he Esc/esc with extra sex combs visible). moved to virgin collection 18C.
  • flipped other esc/esc bottles.
  • flip collection plate (11:30P – 11:00A). Aging on desk.
  • collect PM virgins (7P)
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