Wednesday 02/20/13

10:00 A – 7:15P, 8:30P – 11:15P


  • Samples: BXC cy5 (single primary) and BXC cy5 + 750 secondary
  • BXC-cy5 mounted for imaging 12:00P
  • Realigned optics
  • Taking bead calibration images
  • Working out parameters to do z-scan. Can’t go too far risk losing focus lock.
  • Focus lock held for first ~10 positions, then failed. Restarted with smaller z-scan range, hopefully this goes better.
  • Cy5 BXC seems to be switching less, bleaching must faster. Maybe we had laser-power issues before? (not too likely, recently calibrated scope with Graham at the time). I shouldn’t be too surprised if reproducability of precise count-numbers per locus labeled by thousands of probes proves a little challenging. But so far it has looked very promising.
  • We should also compare the mosaics. (how many of the ‘loci’ are from the weird very bright dots in small cells?)

Fly work

  • AM virgin collection
  • flipped NEW yw; Sp/CyoZ; Pr/Tm3Z flies into bottle.
  • # Write to Max about Mat alpha tubs
  • look up Pc scm double mutants — just ‘recombined by traditional genetics’. opposite chromosome arms, shouldn’t be too hard.
  • collect PM virgins: Esc and Mat alph tub gal4-vp16 on 3 x Sp/CyO; TM2/TM6

Embryo work

  • need new small AJ plates soon
  • flipped Esc collection cage, ~10A
  • Fixed embryos, 6P
  • Flipped collection cages for mat alpha tub x Psc1, Scm, and Rad21 (gave new yeast). Hopefully these guys settle in and start laying soon.

STORM Analysis

  • subcluster analysis of S3/S2/Fab7/Ubx data


  • working on slides for meeting with XZ on Friday


  • some perspective on the changing chromatin field:
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