Friday 02/22/13

10:00 A – 7:30 P

Embryo Work

  • Flip collection plates

STORM analysis

  • Fixed bug in subcluster algorithm that was preventing all data for all subclusters from being exported
  • reran analysis of S2 vs S3
  • ran analysis of Fab7 +/- 405. Looks promising


  • working on meeting presentation for XZ

Progress Report Meeting notes:

  • presented major themes in gene regulation: Chromatin and histone mods, Chromatin Types/Colors, Chromatin Domains, Long-range interactions, Nuclear organization.
  • Excited about colors of chromatin project, comparative descriptive approach
  • Probably provides a better context for detailed investigation of Pc chromatin
  • should look at a range of length scales for each color, not just one.


  • finished copying files off original Buffalo Drive station, ready for reformatting
  • ordered USB3.0 port and extension cable, new powerstrip, and pen-tablet, from fellowship funds to upgrade computer.
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