Friday 03/01/13

8:10 A – 8:10P, 9:30P – 11:00P


  • helping scan Hazen’s sections

Embryo section staining


  • NO BX-C staining detectable after post-hybe hot-wash (50-60C in waterbath, 25 min).
  • Repeat staining, try short coldwash and then check cells for signal. Use new aliquot of BXC probe.

snail / en-inv RNA FISH

  • staining primaries (shp a-dig, m a-flu).

Banff Organization

  • finalize first round of 21 invitees (via google-hangouts, video chat + document editing. Excellent experience, much more reliable connection than Skype, which cut out repeatedly). See “Banff Invites” in google docs.
  • Send inquiry about info on updating Banff webpage for workshop.
  • # send draft letter to co-organizers
  • # Start sending out individual invites

Research Planning

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