Saturday 03/02/13

10:00A – 7:00P, 8:30P-10:30P

Writing stuff

  • Revised Banff Invites letter sent to co-organizers
  • write to van Steensel about R code
  • Review/referee article
    1. read clean through manuscript
    2. wrote up all critiques.
    3. To do: write up manuscript strengths and contributions to field.

Embryo section staining

  • No staining. Replace reagents in all coplin jars.
  • Cancel STORM2 scope time.
  • Try staining satellite regions in a fresh section of embryos.
  • Screening coverglass sections with DAPI for good flat embryos.
  • DAPI stain not too strong in many embryos. Maybe there is partial degredation of DNA (even at -20C in 1 month?).
  • attempting to make 92C waterbath out of heat block and water. Does not work — constant temperature set not at all a constant water temp, was at 80 with plate set at 420 C

basic protocol

  • No 92C pre-denature
  • 60C 25 min
  • minimal cooling gap. Add probe to slide, drop coverglass on, seal
  • 94C heat-block 2.5 min denature
  • 37C O/N incubation

Fly work

  • Clean up and downsize bottle stocks
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