Saturday 03/16/13

11:00 A – 7:00P

Kinetic modeling


STORM Analysis

  • Switching is indeed failing on BX-C 2/20 data. Sad we still don’t have this basic data with enough depth yet.
  • S3 cell data shows plenty of blinking out at 58 and 90K frames, where it def blinking and not just staying on.

  • Interesting patterns in embryo data:



  • Added some box feature to MosaicViewer
  • should convert from textread to textscan input manager, but this might all change in Hazen’s new version of Steve so let’s wait.
  • Mosaic and conventional images still don’t overlay well because of the gaps and maybe some scaling issue– I don’t think Steve plots these mosaics with gaps, I think it instead has overlap. Should ask hazen about format.


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