Friday 03/22/13

11:00 A – 7:30 P, 9:30P – 11:58 P


  • recommend using homology-fused single labeled probes to test the double labeling efficiency for Hao’s experiment.
  • reference call for Bryon


  • cleaned up Genomics functions
    1. maxInterval.m
    2. maxIntervalBed.m
  • added new function
    1. IntervalFuseGaps.m — fuses gaps below a certain size in interval data. Also filters fraction of gaps
  • New script (Select_chromatin_regions_032113.m),
    1. uses IntervalFuseGaps to get gaps of a certain length cut off.
    2. Loads HMM noise data models for candidate regions and checks color

Bug! max_length_by_color_nogap


I think I fixed this bug by doing analysis per chromosome.

Fly Work

  • Flip fly stocks

Cell culture work

  • restart Kc cells from frozen stocks
  • incubator went up to 37 from 28C during 30 min recovery. Hopefully didn’t kill too many cells
  • Soval is out of commission. Pelleted cells in mini-centrifuge in sterile cryo-tubes.
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