Monday 06/05/13

9:30 A – 7:45 P, 8:45P – 11:55 P


  • Running out gradient gels (one at a time)
  • hotter is better with mis-priming. using 20 bp PPT primer and library specific NP primer:


with adapters:

Check Ph stains

  • booked confocal 11A-12P
  • Confirmed that wt-Ph-FLAG is substantially cytoplasmic
  • Analyzing data
  • see notes

Discussion with Nicole Francis

  • should send images from Ajaz joint project
  • need to catch up on literature: see latest from van Steensel and Bickmore


  • # Order more primers
  • Placed PO orders

Project 2

  • Team discussion (notes)
  • troubleshooting code (notes)

Banff Conference

  • Sent inquiry to Wynne Fong about whether participants have recieved invites yet.
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