Saturday 08/24/13

4:00p – 6:30p

(420 regatta day)


  • Turned splitQVdaxFast into a function. Overwrote splitQVdax original, made that file into splitQVdaxM (for mem-map).
  • overall it looks like memory mapping dax files is a bad idea. They are too big.
  • Running new splitDax on 647 and 561 dual-channel acquired data for Ubx and AbdA. This is pretty slow, limited by read/write speed to read and write 500 Gb of data.
  • currently running 100 frames load at a time. Should run tests, see if it runs faster or slower if we do 1000 frames at a time.

Review editing

  • change all references to equilibrium conditions to steady-state conditions (equilibrium implies lack of energy transfer, which is definitely not the case when mRNA is being produced and degraded at balancing levels).

To do

  • Ph project: re-analyze data to add scalebars in figure for Ajaz
  • Organize data for Brian into figure panel.
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