Saturday 11/09/13

8:30a – 7:30p,

8:30p – 11:30p (remotely)


  • Write to Alvaro (done)
  • Reply to Zenklusen (done)
  • Continue analysis of MiSeq Results (in process)
  • write to Jeff to get gene list (done)
  • repeat RT reaction with more enzyme (done)
  • Work on modeling figures for Ph Project (worked out sketch with Ajaz)
  • start imaging cells for Ph project on STORM2 (cells failed)
  • Finish editing Banff Workshop report and send around for final review prior to submission. (tomorrow?)
  • Double check requirements for report submission. (tomorrow?)
  • Flip Fly Stocks! (tomorrow?)

STORM analysis

  • Some G-630 regions don’t fit in the space of the viewer, area’s are artificially smaller.
  • Mildly concerned that some regions elongated in y by 3D optics get incorrectly parsed by DaoSTORM.

Ph Project

  • meeting with Ajaz
  • see post for figure changes etc to work on
  • no cells found on Ph-slide

Library Analysis by Deep Sequencing




Probe Making tests

  • More maxima does not improve yield. RNA quality is everything.
  • samples D08, D10, E03, (organized in reverse order on the gel. The double ladder is always loaded last).

Deep Sequencing Analysis and Coding

  • Wrote function MapSeqReads.m to analyze coverage and mutation rate for library and sublibraries.
  • Fully functionalized form with help file and array of optional inputs. Still needs some debugging probably
  • target matching not working well at all for mouse libraries.
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