Friday 12/13/13

10:45a – 12:15a


  • backed up notebook
  • updated wordpress


  • cross correlation doesn’t improve curve alignment visibly — curves are fundamentally a bit different
  • no spatial structure evident




Ph Project

  • reviewing simulation results
  • saved as simulationName_2.eps to file

Test new stains

  • at higher concentration, probes work great. Will need to make more though, total yield here was actually quite poor then. Try splitting RT into smaller reactions.
  • Beads at 1:1000 this time way too dense. Single beads look fine on glass, but on cells this time the beads are coated too dense to separate one from another.
  • try again at high concentration to do the 750 labeling. Try D12-D12 750 + 647.

probe making

  • spec’d concentrations of primers but otherwise failed to start PCRs

STORM analysis

  • worked through black regions, added images of 4 black regions (10, 18, 180, and 425 kb) to presentation
  • helping Guipeng get DaoSTORM working
  • need to sync up matlab-storm versions, push to master run clean install. (could create dummy user on Tuck to test?)

Project 2

  • Ran a variety of error analysis with Hao
  • Computed error over time — confirmed no detectable / statistically significant increase.
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