Saturday 12/14/13

11:15a – 2:30p, 6:00p – 11:45p



  • test installation: created new ZhuangLab account
  • Install for Guipeng.
  • DaoSTORM objects to spaces in pathname.
    • adding double quotes ” does not fix.

library Prep

  • New function (in Genomics Functions toolbox)
    function Seq = GetLocusSenseSeq(locusname)
    % Returns the Drosophila Melanogaster genome sequence for the specified
    % location (i.e. ‘chr2L:455203-465638’), with the sequence flipped to the
    % whichever strand is coding (i.e. complement sequence is returned
    % where-ever a minus strand transcript occurs).

Probe Making

  • 3 uL new 1:20 dilution of library +
  • Set up PCRs (same samples as last time)
  • run test-gel

prepping cells for staining

  • (fixed yesterday)
  • ~20 min NaBr treatment during PCR prep.
  • cells brought through STORM prep all the way to formamide

Cell staining

  • D12-P1 (5uL) + D12-P3 (5uL) + .6uL S1-A647 + .6uL S3-cy7
  • G1-P1 (5uL) + G2-P3 (5uL) + .6uL S1-A647 + .6uL S3-cy7
  • staining last pair of 12/4 cells
  • at 47C ~11p

STORM analysis

  • Running chromatic bead analysis for E11, F08, D07, E02, F12
  • Running DaoSTORM fitting on E02 and F12
  • Running insightM bead fitting on E02 and F12
  • Copying E03 data to ProBox6
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