Monday 01/13/14

9:15a – 12:15a

Plans for week

  • probe making
    • troubleshooting probe smears. Give Jeff some library material.
    • make new probes (F01, F02, F07) + control + some of Jeff’s probes
    • test different RNase inhibitors?
  • Order Library 3
    • trim probe list (remove some big black and redundant BX-C)
    • design new primer set
  • Ph project
    • image psc cells for Ajaz


  • Lab Meeting – see notes
  • Lab Journal club – see notes
  • Meeting with XZ – see notes

Analyzing Chromatin regions

  • see post
  • working on summary statistics for all regions

Ph project

  • STORM imaging of Psc and PhM-flag (double stained)
  • sorta sparse slide.
  • Should really co-stain lamina, with the nuclear compartment thing going on its not so obvious what’s nucleus and whats cytoplasm in all these cells.
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