Meeting XZ

Requests / timeline from XZ

  • complete broad survey of regions before diving too deep on models
  • hopefully one or two parameters can explain scaling between different regions
    • naturally unsatisfying if a different / unrelated model is invoked for each scaling curve.
    • e.g. density of binders.
    • nucleosome free regions as non-self-associating stretches?
  • estimate time to complete curve for each chromatin type.

Things for next time

Clarifying what might have been misunderstood about last meeting

  • remind XZ goal of this (last) meeting was to present Bogdan’s work
  • hence we did not prepare slides on yellow, red, or green chromatin
  • also hence the focus on the balance of experiments and modeling, which I think combine to produce a more complete rotation project, even if they might be a bit out-of-sequence for our research timeline.
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