Tuesday 01/14/14

9:45a – 12:15a

Goals Today

  • Rewrite ColorIntervalJumpGap.m Function to allow different gaps for different chromatin types.
  • Select new Red regions

Chromatin Project


  • Designing some new regions: notes
  • Writing up summary of chromatin regions thus far: see protected notes.
  • Let’s try to make a mini-lab meeting like presentation for my meeting with XZ on Tuesday, and plan to order Library 3 between the end of that meeting (if no changes need to be made) and the end of that week (if we change priorities for what goes in there).
  • Let’s aim to have all the potential regions folded and sorted with their primers before then.


  • imaging F03-647 F04-750.
  • calibration image looked pretty good
  • 750 background very low, dots pretty faint though / fast bleaching. I’ve gotten much brighter 750 in the past. Might want to increase 750 probe conc. slightly.
  • switching not very bright (2.5 uL BME + 5 uL COT). Could use brighter dyes. Maybe try with MEA tomorrow. That’s my only day-time ‘scope time this week. Can try with same coverslip.

Project 2, code organization

  • discuss public vs. private reps
  • discuss folder organization

Ph Project

  • Start analysis of Psc PhM data
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